Hi, I’m Ellis. I’m a second year Interaction Design student studying at Northumbria University. I came to University with an interest in design but no actual experience. After a bumpy start, I soon discovered my passion for design and I am currently working at a 1:1 grade. I have a particular interest in the promotional and branding aspects of design, which can be seen in my growing freelance portfolio which centres around Newcastle’s bustling underground music scene.

I’m always eager to push myself into new approaches when it comes to design, take my ‘Happy Thoughts’ design experience for example, and I never shy away from a challenge. Outside of Interaction Design, I’m a part time musician which is my second passion in life. Music as an art form really influences my approach to design, setting me apart from the crowd.

If you have a project that needs some extra flare, or would just like a chat, contact me on the channels below.